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mostly pix of my boobs but I just ate an ungodly amount of chinese food so I’m feeling weird as hell


Scarf Love


Lee Gook Joo: Vogue October, 2014

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Fuck you for trying to promote that it's okay to be fat. People die from obesity every day. Don't just embrace the body that you're "stuck in". Get off the fucking couch and change. Don't say it too hard, you're just not trying hard enough. Guaranteed your boyfriend would love it way more if you didn't crush him in bed.



You sound…really bitter and like ya need to sort some shit out that has absolutely nothing to do with me or fat people.

1) People don’t die from obesity.  People aren’t just dropping dead from teh fatz.  I believe what you’re looking for are actual illnesses and conditions which can be linked to fat.  I think it’s funny though because you people always act like fat folk just drop like flies and as though we all have a heart attack by the age of 25 and die at 30.  Brah, let me just tell you that I know a TON (like 100s upon 100s) of fat people and I have known them for many years and they’re still alive and kickin’.  Stop aggressively trying to install fear in me when I am surrounded by the thing you’re trying to act like you know about.

2) I’m not stuck in my body.  I freakin’ love my body and all of it’s wobbly bits.  It gets me around, it lets me experience whatever I want, it’s a goddamn great body.  So no, I never even remotely implied that I’m stuck in this glorious vessel or that it’s ‘too hard to change’.  That would imply that I felt I needed to change.  Also, I am actually comfortably in a chair right now as opposed to a couch, but thank you for the concern.

3) Considering I’ve been with the fox for about 3 years..I think I can get a better read on what he would love and wouldn’t love.  I’d say he’s pretty happy with my weight on his hips.  You know what he would REALLY love?  As well as myself?  If self loathing, overly aggressive, bitter individuals like yourself just ceased to exist from the internet as well as real life until you could actually learn to interact with other human beings.

I apologize that the mere presence of someone you think should hate themselves, actually loving themselves and sharing it with the world, gets you this riled up.



General update on my cuteness


at some place doing some thing - @DanielToumine


at some place doing some thing - @DanielToumine



I’m a scarecrow today :) Inspired by andreaschoice’s easy tutorials.

Just used red blush and some eyeliner and lipstick :) Coudln’t have my straw hat ‘caus it’s in storage.

Fitting because i actually hate crows, they scare me, so much.

I’m a scarecrow today :)

Sung Jin Park

Sung Jin Park

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